Bankroll Management & Units Approach

Discipline and bankroll management are key aspects to ensuring your bankroll is around long enough to enjoy and grow. All too frequently you hear of individuals who end up losing money even though the majority of their selections have won. This "timing the market" approach is a bad habit to get into. While riding a winning streak can be fun, it is a dangerous approach to accumulating profits. Wise Gentlemen Sports applies the following techniques to its selections:


  • Follow a 1-5 unit sizing approach, with a 5 unit play being the most confident.
  • Apply a standard "to win" amount to each selection based on the unit size. For example, ‘to win $100’ on a 1-unit play or ‘to win $500’ on a 5-unit play.
  • Adjust your own wager size to suit your bankroll. If a ‘to win $100’ wager is outside of your comfort level or represents a significant portion of your bankroll, reduce the amount you are wagering to what you are comfortable with.
  • As you hear time and time again, never wager any amount that you are uncomfortable losing. Losing streaks happen.